Horná Mariková

Horná Mariková

Brief introduction

The scenic Horná Marikova opens its doors to anyone looking for pleasure in the beautiful mountain countryside, offering recreational activities of various kinds. It is interesting by its distinctiveness and individuality, and it is also exceptional for its many opportunities to spend an active holiday with an unforgettable experience in every season.

The existing hiking trails will also take visitors on bikes for beautiful views of the distinctive mountain villages, on the ridge of Javorník and for a rest in the Nimnica spa. Cycle paths passing through the entire length of the village are linked in its conclusion, so it is possible to combine individual sections and get many opportunities for observing all the beauty of the area.

For those who spend their free time in the water and in the tranquility, enjoying the pleasure of the catch, the pond is right in the middle of the village. In the center of the village there is also a multifunctional playground, where you can operate several sports activities.

Lovers of cross-country skiing can improve the condition of cross-country trails, which are led by the ridge of Javorníky and those who prefer downhill skiing, can ski on the ski slopes SKI Ráztoka. In the romantic environment of Marikov's gazes, everyone - those who are looking for a rest on the move, and those who prefer to relax with a sweet lounger will come to their place.


Municipal Office Horná Mariková
Horná Mariková 357
018 03 Horná Mariková


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