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Only 259 inhabitants live in the cozy Vrchteplej under the protection of Súľov Hills. Yet they live a rich cultural life and have something to offer tourists. Just 15 km from Považská Bystrica and 25 km from Bytča, the village commemorates every year the events of the Slovak National Uprising at a memorial dedicated to the fallen partisans. On the way to it, each visitor can return in time and visit the SNP Commemorative Room, which will be made available on request. It is interesting to note that the room is located directly in the building of the former elementary school, which in the past served - and still serves - even as an evangelical house of prayer.

Vrchteplá is a small mountain village, interwoven with a number of hiking trails and cycling routes - it even crosses one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the Považie region. A short walk from it leads to the smallest of the narrowest canyons in Europe - the Manín Gorge - and also to the nearby Kostolecká Gorge. However, the nearby Súľovské Rocks are a frequent destination for tourists and cyclists.

At the end of summer, Vrchteplá is the most ideal place to observe the meteor shower of Perzeida. Astronomers have been coming to watch it right now since 1977. What can be better after a day of hiking than night romance under the bare summer sky?


Municipal Office Vrchteplá
Vrchteplá 15
017 05 Považská Bystrica


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