Papradno farm

Farma Papradno Farma Papradno Farma Papradno Farma Papradno Farma Papradno Farma Papradno Farma Papradno

The farm is located in a lovely natural environment of Papradno village. It is famous for its sheep, cattle and horse breeding.

It allows us to get to know the rural economy and its products. The farm allows us to become familiar with traditional methods of processing raw sheep milk and tasting products of own production such as sheep cheese and boiled sheep whey.


August - horseback ride games are designed for children who can horse ride, accompanying program: country music, presentation of sheepdog training, birds of prey training, competitions for children from the audience.

Where to find us

Papradno č. 308/1, 01813 Papradno, SK

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