Orlovský manor house

Orlovský kaštieľ Orlovský kaštieľ Orlovský kaštieľ Orlovský kaštieľ

After weapons were silenced in Austria-Hungary, the nobility lost their interest in Považský castle and they made efforts to build new seats nearby the castle which would meet its growing demands. A renaissance manor house was one of these seats. The manor house was built at the turn of the 16th and 17th century by Žigmund Balaš. The original manor house had closed arcaded courtyard with built-in wooden farm buildings, a built-in tower was placed above the main entrance and a spacious park was also a part of the manor house. The year of 1733 is represented by many changes because the manor house was rebuilt and extended by a Baroque style and the arcaded courtyard was completed by a central fountain. St. Ján Nepomucký chapel forms a part of the manor house interior and the chapel is to this day located in the left wing, currently rebuilt sala terrena is located in the rear wing of the manor house. The floor included representative rooms and living rooms with supraport paintings, plant stucco, original doors, as well as late-Baroque fireplaces and furnaces. The chapel preserved some late-Baroque parts of interior furniture. A four-star hotel is nowadays located in the manor house premises.

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