Younger manor house in Považské Podhradie

Mladší kaštieľ v Považskom Podhradí

The manor house was built in 1770 – 1775 by an earl named Peter Sapári. The floor plan of Rococo four-wing manor house had a shape of an irregular letter U. It included a chapel, park and farm buildings that are preserved to this day. In the early 20th century, the manor house had also 18 living rooms. Several owners owned the manor house after Sapári dynasty, but in the 20th century it has been largely in the hands of the state or other organizations. In the early 20th century, Popper family inhabited the manor house, however, the family lived in the manor house only during summer months and during their absence the manor house was managed by an administrator. The nobility had in addition to a number of servants also six pairs of nomadic horses and three cars. The manor house garden included two greenhouses in which they used to grow exotic plants and trees. The interior of the manor house was full of expensive furniture, valuables, and art objects, for example - crystal vases of Venice, mirrors, chandeliers, and the like. These valuables were destroyed or stolen during the manor house pillaging by the end of World War I. The second year, soldiers destroyed also the manor house itself. Hana Gregorová, wife of Jozef Gregor Tajovský was an administrator of the manor house since 1927. After World War II, an Institute for the treatment of tuberculosis was established in the manor house among other things. Považská Bystrica city as a later owner of the manor house sold it in 1992 to a private owner who owns it to this day.

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