St. Žofia church

Kostol sv. Žofie Kostol sv. Žofie Kostol sv. Žofie

Roman-catholic church of St. Žofia in Pružina that was originally built in a Gothic style in 1759 was extended by presbytery, raised and coved. The tower was renewed in 1870 and in 1860 – 1880 it was extended and modified in Pseudo-Gothic style. The painting comes from 1922 and it was made by M. Veselý. The main altar of the church was donated in 1986 by a parish in Zálesie from the Czech Republic. Originally it was an altar of St. Barbora, however, St. Žofia is the patron of Pružina parish. Therefore, the parish pastor ordered a production and insertion of St. Žofia picture with her three daughters to the altar. The side altar of Šaštín Virgin Mary comes from 1850 – 1860 and it has an older statue of Šaštín Virgin Mary from 1742 in its centre. The Baroque pulpit comes from the beginning of 18th century and Jesus together with evangelists are pictured on the rostrum in a form of relieves.

Where to find us

49°1'3.4"N, 18°28'38"E

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