Chapel of Divine Heart of Jesus

Kaplnka Božieho srdca Ježišovho Kaplnka Božieho srdca Ježišovho Kaplnka Božieho srdca Ježišovho

The history of the only wooden church in Považskobystrický region started to be recorded in Ráztoka directly under a beech which had a cross placed under its leafy crown. A bell was a part of this cross and until a bell tower was built in 1870, a local resident named Salaník was taking care of this bell at his home. After 80 years, there was a chapel built at the place of the former bell tower and an altar was placed in it. The author of its interior painting was an academic painter named Otto Dolinger. Milán Kováš, a priest, was the last person who made an adjustment of the chapel in 2013 – 2014. The chapel was destroyed on 12th August 2016 in the early morning hours by fire, but its rebuilding is currently being prepared – a public collection was declared for the purposes of its rebuilding, you can find more information on Horná Mariková village website.

Where to find us

49°17'28"N, 18°16'51.2"E

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