Chapel of St. Štefan, the king

Kaplnka sv. Štefana, kráľa Kaplnka sv. Štefana, kráľa Kaplnka sv. Štefana, kráľa Kaplnka sv. Štefana, kráľa

A bell tower and a cross was built in 1831 at the place where a wooden church used to stand. In 1855 after many efforts and letters, a construction of chapel in Plevník was launched and this chapel was dedicated to St. Štefan, the king. Inhabitants of Plevník and Drienové were helping with the construction. The construction of the chapel was materially secured by Štefan Zental, apparently because his name was given also to the patron of the chapel. American Slovaks from Plevník and Drienové bought a several layers gold-plated chalice and a larger bell in 1925 which had inscriptions: Virgin Mary, the patron of Slovakia pray for us, cast on its circumference. 

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49°9'59.5"N, 18°29'54.9"E

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