Museum in Horný Moštenec

Múzeum v Hornom Moštenci

Museum in Horný Moštenec was established in 2011 after inhabitants of the city district, in their effort to preserve a part of the history, decided to save the dilapidating cottage from 1932. The museum gradually gathered many old photographs, documents and more than 200 exhibits which provide information about the history, traditions, and customs of the city district ancestors. The museum consists of three parts – kitchen, living room and room with farming tools. The most interesting part of the cottage is a room where we can see various tools used when working in the field, at home, but also during the performance of different crafts. We can participate not only in the museum presentation with professional commentary, but also in activities that are regularly held, for example: “scratching”, carnival, ancient Christmas dinner, whips knitting or painting of Easter eggs.

Where to find us

49°4'18.4"N, 18°27'32.4"E

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