Villa in Považská Teplá

Vila v Považskej Teplej Vila v Považskej Teplej Vila v Považskej Teplej Vila v Považskej Teplej Vila v Považskej Teplej Vila v Považskej Teplej

Villa located on the crossroad in Považská Teplá was built in 1874 on demand of baroness Popper. The first person who lived there was her secretary named Havais. After parcelling out was completed, the village was interested in getting this villa to its ownership, but the land office gave priority to a governor of Trenčín county – Dr. Jozef Minárik, former doctor from Veľká Bytča. In the years 1922 - 1923 the villa had been a home of his classmate and friend Martin Kukučín who after World War I settled in Slovakia - a memorial plaque also reminds us of the stay. Július Raiman was the owner of this villa in 1942 and together with his wife they lived here till their deaths. Uninhabited villa was bought in 1993 by Milan Veštečík who reconstructed and repaired the stable, fabricated shelters for carriages, rearranged the park, built a fountain and the new stone fence, and opened a restaurant in the villa. His plan was to carry the visitors on carriages to Manínska gorge, but the great deal of snow broken his shelters. The villa remained empty till 2002 where it gained new owner.

Where to find us

49°8'27.3"N, 18°28'22.7"E

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