Ostrá Malenica

Ostrá Malenica Ostrá Malenica Ostrá Malenica Ostrá Malenica

In the north part of Strážovské hills, the hill called Ostrá Malenica represents a distinctive landscape landmark with 909-metre-high peak marked by a cross. The way to the top is, especially in autumn when leaves fall from trees, beautified by nice views of Považie, While Carpathians, Javorníky, Little Fatra, Súľovské and Strážovské hills, particularly pleasant is the view of Podskalský Roháč rock ridge, Kľak, or Big Manín.In the past, the hill used to be due to its rare calcareous flora a popular botanical destination for Slovak naturalist and ethnographer J. Ľ. Holuby.

Where to find us

49°1'14.5"N, 18°24'19.2"E

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