Temné jaskyne (“Dark caves”)

Temné jaskyne Temné jaskyne Temné jaskyne Temné jaskyne Temné jaskyne Temné jaskyne Temné jaskyne Temné jaskyne

Small dark cave which is 602 metres above sea level and Big dark cave which is 607 metres above sea level are known under the name – Závadské caves. They are located in the south part of Súľovské hills close to Zemianske Závady, part of Prečín village, in the western hillside of Skálie hill and there are many unmarked trails leading here, even from Považská Bystrica – from Horný Moštenec or Zemianský Kvašov. Big dark cave is 100 metre-long. Small dark cave is approximately half of its length. Karst decoration in the form of stalagmites, stalactites and sinter ponds is surrounded by sinter walls of dark or almost black shades. Both represent a rare type of karst caves formed in carbonatic conglomerates. Remains of a prehistoric human settlement and the bones of long-extinct animals were discovered in this cave.

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