Educational trail to Považský castle

Náučný chodník na Považský hrad

The educational trail to Považský castle was built in 2012 at the occasion of European cultural heritage days. The trail consists of 4 informational panels which provided many information not only about the history of the castle, but also about its current state. The first panel which provides information about the history of the castle is placed nearby the Burg castle, the second which provides information about owners of the castle is placed at a crossroad. Many legends braid the castle, one of the most popular legend about a beautiful woman named Hedviga – is told by last but one panel.

Please note that participants move around the castle area at their own risk.

Where to find us

49°8'37.3"N, 18°27'30.2"E - 1. informačný panel
49°8'44.4"N, 18°27'21.2"E - 2. informačný panel
49°8'43.5"N, 18°27'26.8"E - 3. informačný panel
49°8'43.2"N, 18°27'28.6"E - 4. informačný panel

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