Educational trail Milochov

Náučný chodník Milochov

Undemanding 6-kilometre-long circular trail was opened in 2000. The walk on the trail takes approximately 3 hours in a relaxed pace and it is suitable even for less physically fit tourists or for families with children. During the walk, we will be accompanied by 8 informational panels which are dedicated to surrounding fauna and flora, geological composition, protected areas of the region, history, and archaeology of Považská Bystrica, geomorphologic division, Nimnica spa resort, Nosice reservoir and Milochov city district. During the walk, you will be provided with a view of Považská Bystrica, Klapy cliff and also Big and Small Manín.

Where to find us

49°8'5.3"N, 18°23'1"E - Milochov
49°7'59.3"N, 18°23'16.5"E - Pačkova Janovka
49°7'55.7"N, 18°23'21.8"E - Predná košela
49°7'32.8"N, 18°23'40.7"E - Predný Mondecký laz
49°7'31.5"N, 18°23'57.7"E - Žiar
49°8'23.4"N, 18°23'28.3"E - Kosakove
49°8'34.3"N, 18°23'17.3"E - Zadné Melkovy
49°8'30.9"N, 18°22'54.4"E - Medzi Dráhami
49°8'27.6"N, 18°22'52.8"E - Matušský lažtek

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