Educational trail Súľovské skaly (“Súľov rocks”)

The trail of this moderately difficult tourist trail leads through central part of Súľov rocks and belongs among the most popular trails in Suľovské hills. The trail begins in Tiesňavy close to central tourist orientation. Together with red-marked trail it moderately ascends above the Súľov village to meadow nearby Kamenný hríb (Stone mushroom) also known as Smrček. From the signpost, we continue to meadow under Suľovský castle where we can extinguish thirst by drinking from a hearty spring of drinking water. We leave the red-marked trail and turning sharply to the left, we begin to ascend by green marks to Súľovský castle, but during the ascent we must take extra care. After a moderate descent from the castle, we turn to 13-meter-high Gothic gate which belongs among the most beautiful structures of Súľov rocks. From this point, we will go through the forest back to the starting point, where the trail ends. During the trail, we can see many educational boards which provide us with information about local flora, fauna, and geology. Along the way, we can admire the rock structures of Tertiary conglomerates from which the whole territory is built.

Where to find us

49°9'58.8"N, 18°34'42.6"E - Parkovisko v Súľove
49°10'14.8"N, 18°34'53.1"E - Pod zámkom
49°10'29.1"N, 18°35'0.7"E - Hrad Súľov
49°10'36.2"N, 18°35'11.9"E - Lúka pod hradom, prameň
49°10'14.2"N, 18°35'9.9"E - Lúka pri kamennom hríbe
49°9'58.8"N, 18°34'42.6"E - Parkovisko v Súľove

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